We are dedicated to help Australia's healthcare skills shortage by promoting global awareness among international healthcare professionals and international students about the vast opportunities within the Australian healthcare industry.

We understand that the immediate priority is to help employers fill current vacancies. In the longer term, the government needs to ensure its investments in education and training prepare Australia for future skill needs.

When international students come to Australia, they often have the knowledge that they can work part-time in the hospitality industry, which adds to their cultural experience. However, we believe it is essential for them to be aware that the healthcare sector also offers a fulfilling and rewarding career path. By working in healthcare, they can enhance their CV, improve their language skills, and make a positive impact by providing care to patients. This experience will prove invaluable when they return to their home countries, as they will possess a stronger CV and valuable healthcare experience.

In addition, our goal is to inform international professionals about the prospects available to them in Australia. The Australian healthcare sector has a significant demand for qualified professionals, including researchers, scientists, nurses, doctors, midwives, physiotherapists, and other healthcare practitioners. Australia offers exceptional job opportunities, competitive earnings, and an attractive work environment. Whether individuals are considering permanent migration or temporary work in Australia, qualified professionals have excellent chances of securing employment. If you are a researcher, scientist , physician, nurse, therapist, or any other healthcare professional contemplating migration or temporary work in Australia, Australia BioMed Careers can assess your options and collaborate with you to develop a personalised approach for your Australian career journey.