MedMentorship Plus

Our MedMentorship program is a comprehensive group mentoring initiative that spans over 7 weeks. Through online group meetings, we provide you with the necessary guidance and support to integrate successfully into the Australian job market. Each session focuses on a specific aspect of your career development, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the healthcare job market and the skills required for success.

In the MedMentorship plus, In addition to the standard MedMentoring program, we provide an enhanced level of individual support to further boost your career prospects.

You will receive:

Personalized assistance in applying to 10 positions

Along with valuable training and simulation for interviews conducted in English. (1 hour session)

We go the extra mile by delivering a professionally formatted resume tailored to those 10 positions, ensuring that it effectively highlights your skills and qualifications to Australian employers.

You will learn:

How the healthcare job market works in Australia.

How to develop a targeted career strategy specific to the Australian context.

Techniques for creating an Australian-style resume that stands out.

The art of crafting an impactful cover letter and when to use it.

Strategies for preparing a compelling selection criteria statement.

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for maximum visibility.

Insight into job titles and professions relevant to the Australian healthcare industry.

Where to find job vacancies and effective approaches to application.

Proven methods for interview preparation to increase your chances of success.

Understanding the requirements for diploma validation.

Types of work visas available for international healthcare professionals.

Techniques for effective networking in the Australian healthcare sector.


7 group meetings covering a range of critical topics, including the job market, resume and selection criteria, job platforms, interviews, visas, strategy and diploma validation, and conclusion.

Supporting materials, including resume templates and other resources to assist you in your job search.

Access to a VIP group on Telegram for networking and ongoing support throughout your journey until your successful integration into the job market.

An informative consultation and the BioMed Map, providing individual strategic guidance on your international career in a 1-hour session.

Resume Analysis and Individual Support: we offer a detailed and personalized analysis of your resume. Our team will provide feedback on content, formatting, experience, and English correction, ensuring that your resume stands out and effectively showcases your skills and qualifications to Australian employers.