Informative Consultation

During a virtual consultation of up to 60 minutes, our experienced team will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your professional profile. We'll clarify any doubts you may have and offer detailed information about the Australian job market, equipping you with in-depth knowledge about your field of work in Australia. Additionally, Dr. Heidi will provide you with the BioMed Map, a tailored report that will help you make the best decisions regarding the next steps in your career in Australia. This consultation is a valuable opportunity to gain expert guidance and insights, enabling you to make informed choices.


In-depth discussion about your professional experience, education, and skills analysis.

Assessment of your current situation and guidance on the most effective paths to achieve your professional goals.

Analysis of your current resume with professional feedback to help you start getting results quickly.

The BioMed Map report, offering an analysis of your field in Australia, job titles, and related professions based on your profile.